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Hippotherapy protocol results in the rehabilitation of brain injured patients

Written by Josef Medinai, Teresa Xipell, Montserrat Quintana, Cristina Martin, Meritxell Arias, Raquel Lopez Posted in research, 2008

Language: English - Catalan
Format: Paper
Identification N°: 64-Eng
N° of pages: 7
Availability: Noticiari de Fisioteràpia n° IV 2008 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hippotherapy protocol results in the rehabilitation of Brain Injured patients.

Hippotherapy takes advantage of the horse’s tridimensional movements to stimulate both musculoskeletal system and cognitive aspects of the patient. We evaluate the efficacy of a Hippotherapy protocol in adults with brain injury. This is an analytic non-controlled longitudinal prospective study in 6 patients (mean age: 31.24, three women, three men), four of them affected by Vasculo-Cerebral Accident and two of them by Craneo-Encephalic Traumatism (mean evolution: 4.50 months). Statistic significance was analyzed with non-parametric Wilcoxon ranks sum test method due to the size of the sample. Strong statistical significance was found in Berg’s Balance Scale with a mean improvement of 104% (p≤0.05). Weak statistical significance (p≤0.10) was found in 10 meters gait test (rhythm: +8.77%, speed: +39.95%, step length: +13.16%) and Visual Gait Analysis (right lower limb: +33.41%, left: 31.19%). All results show great improving in percentages among all parameters studied, but the number of patients does not allow a more accurate statistical significance analysis. Hippotherapy can be effective as a complement of the Physical Therapy treatment of brain injuries. More essays with a greater number of patients and a controlled design are needed to precise the improvements detected in this study.