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Riding for the disabled F.R.D.I - HETI 2029
Horses for body, mind and soul - Program and abstracts F.R.D.I - HETI - Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten 2147
Proceedings of the 9th International Therapeutic Riding Congress Riding the winds of progress - F.R.D.I - NAHRA 2109
It's the horse that makes the difference F.R.D.I and Fédération Nationale Handi Cheval 2014
The influence of the horse in education and rehabilitation The Fortune Center 2015
5th International Congress Therapeutic Riding A.N.I.R.E 2033
Abstract book - Congress acts F.R.D.I - HETI 2082
An update on therapeutic riding Thorsten Ingemann Hansen and Michael Møllgaard Nielsen - Tthe Danish Sports Organization for the Disabled 2124
The complete papers F.R.D.I - HETI 2037
Complete texts F.R.D.I - ANDE-BRASIL 2051